Britain First: Paul Goldings hus angrebet under direkte streaming

Britain First

Tonight, party leader Paul Golding and chief of staff Ashlea Simon were hosting a live show on VK when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

A neighbour had spotted Paul and Ashlea’s house and vehicle being attacked and immediately let them know about it!

The police were called immediately and attended the house very quickly and took statements and evidence. 

There is CCTV of the incident that has been handed to the police.

HQ has mobilised officers from BFD to provide round the clock security.

The police are taking it very seriously because there is a child in the house.

As a patriot leader and head of Britain First, Paul has faced endless death threats, terror plots, prison attacks and physical assaults.

This is the first time his home has been attacked. 

Paul is now inside his house with Ashlea and a young child vulnerable to another attack.

HQ is appealing for all Britain First patriots to rally behind Paul and Ashlea in their time of need.

We need to beef up security on Paul’s home so him and Ashlea are protected, especially when there is a child in the house too.

Dedicated patriots like Paul and Ashlea are obviously willing to run the risk of attack and danger as part of leading a movement like Britain First, but it is also paramount that all of our supporters stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Paul and Ashlea are massively exposed without the backing of our supporters.

Considering the attack on their home residence tonight, will you chip in with just £10 to help beef up their security?

Will you show your appreciation for the mighty and relentless efforts of staunch patriot leaders like Paul and Ashlea by helping them at a time like this?

Please chip in with whatever you can afford, Paul and Ashlea need you.

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ Please follow Britain First on VK, the only free speech social network:

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