CNN journalist i Iran prøver på at overbevise demonstranterne om at de råber det forkerte: I skal råbe ‘Død over Amerika istedet’

The CNN reporter arrived at the protests, excited to cover another anti-US protest but quickly realized they were actually shouting “Death to the dictator!” and blaming their government for shooting down the plane.

“Guys, you’re ruining the narrative!” he cried through a megaphone. “We can’t run with this! You’re willing to assign blame to Iran more readily than the media and the Democrats were! This isn’t good for our viewership! Are you guys in league with Fox News?”

“Please guys, please shout ‘death to America,’ just for a few minutes so I can get some B-roll!”

And here I was given to believe Iranians hated America and were straight-up broken hearted we had the audacity to send their top extremist to that Giant Bacon Festival in the Sky. Isn’t that the line we were all fed for the last week and a half?

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    • Det er fra Babylon Bee, en satire site lig Rokokoposten, bare mere politisk højredrejet.

      Måske disse indlæg skulle markeres med et “satire tag” under overskriften, bare så folk ikke bliver forvirret.

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