De store firmaer der vil kvæle konservativ ytringsfrihed og som foregiver at støtte de sorte tjener milliarder på kinesiske slavearbejdere

The CECC report and the accompanying legislation noted that Coca-Cola, Adidas, Calvin Klein, the Campbell Soup Company, Costco, Esprit, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, and Nike were among those companies suspected of complicity in China’s forced labor camps.

Coke and some of the other companies involved denied everything, but  a Wall Street Journal article noted that COFCO Tunhe supplies sugar to Coca-Cola and tomatoes to Heinz and Campbell. The Chinese state-owned company is the country’s largest food processor, the world’s second largest tomato processor, and one of the largest sugar processors in the world, with vast networks of plantations.

The corporations that decry racism in America allegedly benefit from the new Communist plantations.

“All the international brands trust us and buy our tomato purée: Heinz, Kraft, Unilever, Nestlé,” Cofco Tunhe Vice-President Yu Tianchi had once boasted.

Unilever, the British-Dutch conglomerate whose brands include Dove and Breyers, has been a loud voice in the social justice movement, and has joined the boycott to force Facebook to censor conservatives.

“We have a responsibility for racial justice,” Unilever declared.

But does that racial justice include the slaves of China’s Communist regime?

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