Den britiske valgkommission obstruerer fortsat Britain Firsts registrering som politisk parti

I cannot believe how long it is taking for the Electoral Commission to process our application to enrol us as a political party.

At this point, we are on the verge of 17 weeks so far.

Just put this in perspective:

The Electoral Commission enrolled Black Lives Matter in just four weeks, despite their top representative tweeting that she wanted white people to be “slaves”.

Could the Electoral Commission be more bias and corrupt if they tried Jon?

If this does go back to court at some point soon, the judge would look at the situation and recognise that the Electoral Commission is incorrigible.

The longer this process continues, the stronger our legal position becomes.

What judge will look at this ridiculous situation and honestly say that the Electoral Commission is acting with fairness and impartiality?

Our legal team sent the Electoral Commission a stiffly-worded letter towards the end of last week demanding a timeframe for when they will give us a final decision.

A week has passed, and we still haven’t heard anything.

The Electoral Commission is acting with blatant hostility.

At this point in the timeline, all pretence of being professional and impartial has long gone.

They are acting in the most cowboy fashion they possibly could.

I have instructed our legal team to send another correspondence to the Electoral Commission repeating the same demands that were sent to them last week.

You may think we are banging our head against a brick wall, but believe me, our persistence will benefit us massively in the end.

We have no choice but to maintain the legal pressure on the Electoral Commission.

The more we badger, squeeze and harass them, the better and stronger our legal footing becomes.

We have to keep going, and going, until we make a breakthrough.

Every letter we are sending them, every time they ignore our correspondence, the longer they leave it to give us a simple decision, will all be presented to the judge if this should need to go back to court.

This is a game of chess, and we are positioning our pieces on the board with expert precision.

I want to keep funding our legal team for them to batter away at the Electoral Commission with determined persistence.

We are sending them every penny we can but we also have campaigning expenses, our monthly bills and day-to-day running expenses to contend with as well.

So I implore you – if you want Britain First to emerge victorious in our fight against the Electoral Commission – to chip in with a small donation to help us power ahead until we achieve victory.

Can you spare just £10? Or even just £5?

Every penny counts, it really does.

The Electoral Commission are hoping that you will cast this email aside and ignore it.

The Electoral Commission is also under big pressure, and your donations are the weapons they fear the most.

Strike a devastating blow against the corrupt leftist Electoral Commission by chipping in immediately with whatever you can afford.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
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