Kina vil bygge 43 nye kulkraftværker

China is planning to build 43 new coal-fired power plants and 18 new blast furnaces — equivalent to adding about 1.5 percent to its current annual emissions — according to a new report.

The new projects were announced in the first half of this year despite the world’s largest polluter pledging to bring its emissions to a peak before 2030, and to make the country carbon neutral by 2060.

The news shows that at least some in China are prioritizing economic growth over emissions reductions — although some analysts say they are still optimistic that China will reach its climate targets. “There is this desire in the Chinese political and economic system to keep on building, to continue the infrastructure fever,” says Li Shuo, a senior global policy adviser for Greenpeace in Beijing.


China is leading the world in new coal power plants, building more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined in 2020. It isn’t alone in its reliance on coal, however. China and four other countries, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam, account for more than 80 percent of the coal power stations planned across the world, according to a June report by the think-tank Carbon Tracker.


The report reckons that these new coal plants and blast furnaces will add 150 million tonnes to China’s CO2 emissions. This is roughly half the UK’s total emissions.

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Mere her

 Denmark produced 26.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, a reduction of nearly 18 percent compared to the previous year.

Og målet er, at Danmark skal reducere udledningen 1990, som var 55 millioner tons, med 70% i 2030. Verdens udledning af CO2 var i 2020 ca. 34 milliarder tons. Kinas udledning var i 2019 10,175 milliarder tons.

Dvs at Danmark ikke må udlede mere end ca 16,5 millioner tons i 2030.

Hvis man kombinerer tallene ser man, at de 43 nye kulkraftværker øger Kinas udledning med 1,5%, altså til 1,015*10175 = 10327 millioner tons. Dvs stigningen fra de 43 værker er 153 millioner tons.

Danmark udledte totalt i 2020 26,5 millioner tons svarende til 153/26= 5,8 af Kinas NYE kulkraftværker. Danmark skal reducere sin udledning med 10 millioner tons. Udledningen pr kulkraftværk er 153/43 = 3,5 millioner tons.

Og så lige for en god ordens skyld: Danmark i forhold til Verden: 26,5/34000*100=0,0779% eller 0,8 promille.

Danmarks reduktion på 10 millioner tons i forhold til Verdens udledning: 10/34000*100= 0,0294 eller 0,3 promille.

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