Denmark is being accused of xenophobia from several sides

The criticism comes from both foreigners in foreign media, danes in Denmark and danes in foreign media.

Some of those people are stumbeling on each others feet to show their political correctness.

But Hodjas blog can assure you, that there is no xenophobia in Denmark.

Denmark has through the ages recieved, integrated and even assimilated many different people, religions and races with NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

In Denmark we are living together with the following in a absolutely peaceful, friendly and relaxed way – and NONE OF THESE makes any fuss about anything:

Norwegian, Swedish, German, British, French, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, Inuit, Luxembourgian, Hollandish, Israelis, Austrian, American, Canadian, Indian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Indian, Australian, New Zeelanders, Ecuadorian, Russian, Polish, Ukranian, Baltic people, Chezks, Hungarian , Hawaiian, Roumanian, Schwiss, Colombian, Brasilin, Argentinian, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian, South African, Liechtensteiners, Fijian, Japanese, Koran, Samoanese, Tonganese, Portuguese, Slovenian, Macedonian, Chilean, Venezuelan

We have no problems with protestants, catholics, jews, huguenots, anglicans, hindu, buddhists, shintoists, taoists, konfucianists, ateists, asa-believers, satanists, vegetarians.

If you get the picture – Denmark is not xenophobic. Many of those who read this recognises the pattern, and will maybe have the same opinion. I think it is some other people, who are -phobic. And this phobia has something to do with living in countries, where they do not set the agenda. And this is, what they are desperately trying to do – aided by their politically correct comrades and useful fools.

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  1. Im danish and im proud to call myself racist. Every nation should preserve their history and values and be proud of that.

    We dont hate people of different races but multiculturalism is harmful to us.

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