DHS: Alle piger over 10 år der krydser grænsen til USA illegalt får graviditetstest fordi så mange bliver voldtaget i karavanerne

Børn bliver ‘genbrugt’ igen og igen af illegale så de kan optræde som ‘familier’.

DHS secretary says so many migrants are raped on the way to the U.S. that ICE gives EVERY girl 10 and older a pregnancy test – and ‘recycling rings’ let illegals reuse children over and over to jump the border

  • DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen faces first U.S. House grilling with Democrats in charge
  • Claims her agency has uncovered ‘recycling rings’ that let trafficked adults reuse the same children over and over again to pose as family units
  • Nielsen also says rape is so common among migrant caravans that every girl over age 10 who enters the U.S. without papers is given a pregnancy test 

Nielsen countered that tens of thousands of families are illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border every month, flooding in numbers too great for her agency to contain. And she predicted that the numbers would reach new peaks in the spring.

Last month more than 76,000 migrants were apprehended at or near the border without permission to enter the country. That was more than double the number during the same period in 2018.

The larger problem, Nielsen told the House panel, is one of human smugglers from the ‘Northern Triangle’ countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua crossing the border in large numbers and failing to come to court for hearings about their asylum claims.

‘Only one in ten individuals from the Northern Triangle are ultimately granted asylum by an immigration judge,’ she said. ‘Unfortunately, when it comes time to remove the other 90 per cent – who have been determined by an immigration judge to have no legal right to stay in the United States – they have absconded from their last known location. And we do not have sufficient resources to find and remove them.’

‘The problem is getting worse,’ she said. ‘The smugglers and traffickers have caught on, realizing this is a “free ticket” into America. As a result, the flow of families and children has become a flood. In the past five years, we have seen a 620 per cent increase in families – or those posing as families – apprehended at the border. This last fiscal year was the highest on record.’

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Formålet er klart – Demokraterne vil ændre USA’s demografi hurtigst muligt for at komme til magten igen – og beholde den for evigt.

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