En invasionsflåde krydser Den Engelske Kanal

The invasion of the Kent coast by migrants is speeding up!

This was the BBC just yesterday:

‘Four small boats carrying 41 migrants have been intercepted in the Channel. The vessels, which included a kayak carrying two men, were heading for UK shores before being stopped by Border Force, the Home Office said. A boat carrying 24 migrants – including two children – was intercepted, along with one with five men and one woman onboard. Nine other people – seven men and two women – were in another boat stopped off the Kent coast. The migrants were said to be variously Iranian, Afghan, Turkish and Malian.’

Meanwhile, Sky News reported:

‘The number of migrants taken in by the authorities this year is believed to have already passed 1,000. On Tuesday, UK Border Force officers intercepted what is thought to be the highest number of migrants in a single day. Some 86 men, women and children headed to Britain, with some managing to land on beaches before being taken in by officials.’

The migrants that we confronted in Calais – the ones who attacked us – are not going to stop with their efforts to invade Britain.

This is why Britain First has launched ‘Operation White Cliffs’, a major operation to deter the migrants from invading our shores!

On Saturday evening, we held our first patrol with a team of activists.

We have the activists who are prepared to stay out overnight and give their time to patrol for migrant crossings, but we need resources.

We need to focus our resources on the beaches with the highest number of landings, set up base camps on these beaches and patrol them with activist teams who are equipped with torches and night vision binoculars.

Our teams will then patrol all day and night in shifts, keeping a close eye on the Channel for migrant crossings. 

Here is what we urgently need for ‘Operation White Cliffs’:

– Hi-Vis jackets
– High-power torches
– Night vision binoculars
– Radio communications

I estimate the cost of this campaign to be around the £2,000 mark. 

This will give us the resources to escalate this campaign in a big way!

We are even looking into the possibility of hiring our own boat to patrol the coastline around Dover.

Don’t delay, contribute what you can right now

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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