EU warns on Danish boycott

The European Union has warned Saudi Arabia that the bloc will take action at the World Trade Organisation if the Riyadh government supports a boycott of Danish goods.

Peter Mandelson, the EU trade commissioner, told the Saudi Minister of State that any Danish boycott would be a boycott of the European Union.

Peter Power, a EU spokesman, said on Monday: “He made it clear that if the Saudi government had encouraged the boycott, Commissioner Mandelson would regret having to take the issue to the WTO.”

A Danish newspaper’s publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad has led to tension between Denmark and some Muslim countries.

The Saudi minister told Mandelson the government had not encouraged the boycott.

Så forstår man, at regeringen dernede har påstået ikke at stå bag. Bare underligt boykotten breder sig så hurtigt.

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