Europæiske lande vil ikke sende udviste tilbage til deres hjemlande fordi de bl. a. kan risikere dødsstraf

Samtidig understøtter europæiske skatteydere shariahdomstole i Pakistan der udsteder dødsdomme.

Pakistan’s courts have come under fire since the notorious case of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who barely escaped a death sentence over accusations of blasphemy. She was accused of defiling a Muslim well by drinking water from it.

Recently disclosed UK Foreign Office documents suggest that the British government poured some £10.39 million ($13.13 million) into Pakistani civil courts since 2016 as a part of a campaign to support the rule of law in the country. These courts issued 59 death sentences over the same period of time as they were funded by the UK, with up to 92% of death penalty cases later being overturned by the country’s supreme court, The Guardian reported, citing the Reprieve legal charity.

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