Ezra Levant: Uventet ny retssag mod Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson just sent me a message. I didn’t know it, but he has another court case tomorrow. I thought he was done until the spring. Here’s a message he just sent me this morning:

Støt Tommy og Ezra her

When I went to Luton last month, to the trial there where the police and prosecutors are trying to ban Tommy from every football game in the UK, a reporter stood up, right there in court, and told the judge she insisted on having the right to publish Tommy Robinson’s family home address to the world.

Even the police and the prosecutors said that was a terrible idea, a dangerous idea, it would put Tommy’s family at risk. But this reporter literally stood up in court and demanded the right to do so.

She was overruled by the judge. But if I hadn’t been there, no-one else would have reported that — that proof of how toxic UK reporters are.

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