Flower power – pig power – grise magt

Why would Occidentalis publish this?

Why would this flower be chosen as a symbol of resistance? The flower is called “Pig’s Ear” (Oreille de cochon). Which animal is despised by Islam? The meat of which animal is banned by Islam? The meat of which animal is in the process of being banned by French authorities wherever they can? Which animal has been adopted by the patriots as their mascot? This lovely image will remain for a while as the first post, hence the date.


Fundet på Galliawatch Er der nogen der kender det latinske eller danske navn?

Opdatering: Navnet er Cotyledon Macrantha Berger en sukkulent fra familien Crassulaceae med synonymet Cotyledon Orbiculata.

FUndet på: http://nature.jardin.free.fr/succulente/ft_cotyledon_macrantha.html

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