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This is the logo of one of my favorite websites, Occidentalis. "Cassandre" (a man, I believe) is a frequent contributor and here unleashes his anger at the cultural decay that has altered the daily lives of the French beyond recognition. In America, we went through this during the 60's and 70's, especially on the East coast; now our West and Southwest are getting it full blast.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this: I'm an average Frenchman, respectful of laws and institutions; I pay my taxes and my dues, I love my family and tolerate my neighbors whatever their skin color or their religion; I vote in every election. In short, a perfect fool…

Well, the fool is tired of being taken for a pigeon!!!

And so I want to state it loud and clear to the bastards that govern us and to all those of the same ilk who dream of taking over the reins of government, only to end up in free-fall: "Enough Coranic nonsense!"

For decades, especially since the cease-fire in Algeria, we have brought millions of foreigners to our national soil, and asked nothing of them in return.

Since then France, Land of Plenty, where the elite had allowed everybody and anybody to find a place in society suited to his aptitudes and his merits, where domestic tranquility was the rule that let us live in peace, and prepare for future generations, that France has become a jungle.

Whether it's in public transportation, in the schools, in the shopping centers, in areas where people relax at their leisure, even (and this is a sign of the times) in the rallies that take place in public squares, honest citizens are now permanently in danger of losing their possessions and their lives.

Worse than that, they have no hope of ever being helped by anyone, now that all defense reflexes and any will to rebel on the part of our compatriots have been annihilated by the pathetic bleeding-heart antiracism of this society of victims living among jackals.


Islam the Conquerer is taking root everywhere with the active complicity of intellectuals, politicians and union bosses who see in these new-comers minds that are easily manipulated and future clients, commodities sorely lacking among the ethnic French…

I pray that lucidity will finally win out for the exasperated and frightened French, the way it appears to be winning out in Denmark where the following petition is, it would seem, having a resounding success:

We regret having offered you a haven when war forced you to flee your country. We regret having welcomed you when others turned you away. We regret having given you free housing, free education, free health care and a minimum revenue even without work. We regret having approved your mosques in our ancient Christian land. We regret having done all that without even requiring that you learn our ways and our language in return. We really do regret. And now, go to hell!

Note: I do not know any more about this petition than what is stated above. Occidentalis got it from Novopress who got it from France-Courtoisie, a subscriber-only website. The last line should be modified. I understand the sentiment, but it is counter-productive to use that in a petition. I don't know for whom the petition is intended. Will try to update.

Fra Galliawatch og NoDhimmitude

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