Former terrorists Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zak Anani speak at the Orange County, California campus.

Kamal Saleem spoke first and repeated his contention that America is still asleep after 9/11.

He cautioned the audience that

“There are over 45 assault camps in America training to carry out Allah’s will,” and explained how “Wahhabi lobbyists” that are funded by Saudi Arabia are promoting jihad in America.

Next up came Zak Anani who explained how he converted to Christianity and how by just converting his religion he had endured over a period of 18 years 20 attempts to take his life, both in Lebanon and even in America and Canada.

Shoebat then warned about the Muslim Students Union on 150 campuses in America, financed and led by Saudi Arabia that he considers a subversive jihadist movement that wants to indoctrinate the next generations of young Americans and urged the audience to resist its influence in America. He admonished the audience to “Never give in” and stand for appeasement in place of pro-actively fighting jihad in America.

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