Hesperophobia (fear or hatred of the West).

The word Hesperophobia was coined by political scientist Robert Conquest.

Its roots are the Greek words ‘έσπερος (hesperos), which means “the west” and φόβος (phobos), which means “fear,” but which when used as an English suffix can also carry the meaning “hate”.  Hesperophobia is fear or hatred of the West.


“A common word for Europeans in the Arabic language is feringji, from “Frank”, i.e. crusader.  Arabs don’t hate us because we support Israel.  They hate us because we humiliated them, showed up the gross inferiority of their culture.  To them, and similarly humiliated peoples, we are the other, detested and feared in a way we can barely understand.  Things got really bad in the 19th century.  When European society achieved industrial lift-off, Europeans were suddenly buzzing all over the world like a swarm of bees.  They encountered these other cultures, that had been vegetating in a quiet conviction of their own superiority for centuries (or in the case of the Chinese, millennia).  When these encounters occurred, the encountered culture collapsed in a cloud of dust.  Some of them, like the Turks, managed to reconstitute themselves as more or less modern nations; others, like the Arabs and the Chinese, are still struggling with the trauma of that encounter.  Neither the Arabs nor the Chinese, for example, have yet been able to attain rational, constitutional government.”


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