Holland: Staten finansierer yderligtgående islamister

Maria van der Hoeven, the Dutch minister of Education, wants to withdraw subsidies from one of the two Islamic high schools in the country.

The Islamitisch College Amsterdam (ICA) was established in 2001 and has 800 students. Van der Hoeven told the Dutch Parliament that she “wants to do everything possible to stop the subsidies to the school or to close the school down.”

 The minister says if the school wants to survive it has to reopen with a new school board. Employees at the school, who have meanwhile been fired, accused the school of channelling 60,000 euros of government subsidies to “extremist organisations outside the country.”

Van der Hoeven confirmed that students at the school score very low (3.3 on a scale between 3 and 15). Critics say the school uses books which despise non-Muslims and preach hatred towards them. The minister said, however, the school can only be closed by August at the earliest because otherwise 800 students would lose their school halfway through the school year.

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Tak til Antisalafisten

Det lyder nu, som det kun vil være en fordel for hollænderne at lukke skolen øjeblikkelig – så vil eleverne kun komme til mangle et halvt års yderligere had og racisme.

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