Hvordan Sverige reagerer over for muslimsk terrorisme

The angry foreigner har lavet en lang, men særdeles interessant video om vor naboland

Her er hans oversigt over indhold, hvis du foretrækker at hoppe over et afsnit:

1 – 01:55 – Fighting terrorism with love and hugs
2 – 09:54 – ISIS are offended by politically correct leftists
3 – 15:20 – Politicians who enabled the terror attack participated in a silent minute for the victims
4 – 23:37 – Illegal immigrants are treated better than Swedish citizens. This incentivizes crime and terrorism
5 – 31:50 – Saudi Arabia are a major player in terrorism
6 – 37:11 – End mass surveillance. It makes it harder to fight terrorism
7 – 39:02 – Terrorists are not the friends of muslims


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