Italien begynder at tage afstand til kommunist-Kina

Italy Is Turning Away From The Chinese Communist Regime

A piece of breaking news appeared on various popular Chinese-language websites on June 7 claiming that the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi had admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic had originated in Italy in a virtual interview by Radiotelevi-sione Italiana (RAI). The Chinese reports claimed that Italy had mistaken COVID outbreaks in Milan, Genoa, and Venice in the summer of 2019 for influenza.

This soon was exposed as fake news.

The Italian embassy in Beijing issued a statement that afternoon, saying that “The Italian Embassy strongly emphasizes that the content of the article concerning the Prime Minister’s remarks is a complete lie and that the information has no basis whatsoever.”

This happened shortly after Italy’s recent veto of Beijing’s attempted takeover of LPE, a Milan-based semiconductor manufacturer, on March 31.

There is no way of knowing if the fake COVID-19 origins report was Beijing’s retaliation for the aborted deal but it certainly didn’t ease tensions between the two countries.

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