Japansk minister kalder WHO for Chinese Health Organisation

The deputy prime minister of Japan is calling out the World Health Organization for the role they played in China’s cover-up of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

He went as far as to declare that the WHO should change their name to the “Chinese Health Organization” for the role it played in helping Beijing to downplay and even flat-out hide the severity of the coronavirus outbreak.

Taro Aso also referenced a petition which has nearly 700,000 signatures calling for the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, to resign. Aso accused the organization of conspiring with Beijing and failing to stop the pandemic which has now taken the lives of over 44,000 people worldwide.

“Early on, if the WHO had not insisted to the world that China had no pneumonia epidemic, then everybody would have taken precautions,” he added, noting that the WHO excluded Taiwan, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Calls Mount For Investigation Into WHO For Participating In China’s Coronavirus Coverup

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