Køb dansk – buy danish

Polemiken har iaften et genialt indslag:

Køb daaaaansk, køb dansk

Amerikansk græsrodsstøtte -)   : 

Judith Apter Klinghoffer


John Zimmerman is right. The Muslim countries have chosen to pressure liberal little Denmark in order to teach the media and governments, which stand by them, a lesson which does not bode well for free speech or satire. Kuwait has joined the Saudi boycott (the Saudi market alone is worth 1.2 billion) and I suspect the rest will follow. So, here is a plea from my Danish friends:

“If you Americans look with this great sympathy on our case, couldn’t you then raise a consumer support of DK in the US? The opposite of a boycott. A movement of: “Buy Danish!” Please?You can easily eat and digest all our famous Danish cheese at your millions of breakfast-tables from Seattle to Atlanta. Then the boycott (which is escalating fast down there now) will be harmless.

Well, we can and should. In fact the idea immediately occurred to the readers of Charles of LGF who was kind enough to post the news about the Saudi boycott on his popular site. They recommended you buy not only the always delicious Danish butter cookies but also:

Danish Havarti cheese

Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers.

Arla owns White Clover Dairy, a Wisconsin company so buy that brand. It comes under White Clover and Holland Farm.

Danish Crown hams ( DAK (sold at Sam clubs)… baby back ribs, because they come from Denmark.

You shop online at The Danish Foodshop and Danish Deli Foods.


Jeg kan kun opfordre til at efterleve dette. Og at sende teksten til alle I kender i ind- og udland med opfordring til at sende videre igen – en rigtig kædereaktion 🙂
Og at gøre det modsatte af muhammedanerne – køb alt, hvis stregkode begynder med ’57’ og undgå de numre der står længere nede i denne blog.
Spred budskabet overalt 🙂

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