Kina fejrer massemord

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Contrary to what President (or Dictator) Xi Jinping says, this is not a day to celebrate. It’s a day to mourn the tens of millions who have been silenced, tortured, and killed by the CCP since 1921. 

China’s ruthless communist ideology has led to unspeakable human suffering—including devastating starvation and the biggest mass murder in world history. Over the past several decades, American foreign policy clung to the idea that engaging with China would lead to reforms. It didn’t work. In fact, China’s crimes only grow worse, as its leaders crack down on Hong Kong and Taiwan, commit genocide against the Uighurs, and build up their military with the ultimate goal of dominating America and the world

Meanwhile, China is expanding its communist propaganda machine beyond Chinese borders as it gains more influence over America’s companiescelebrities, and colleges

Today is a stark reminder of why the United States—and the world—should boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics. As Amb. Haley says, “If the United States boycotts the Winter Olympics, it will send an unmistakable message that China’s tyranny and threats are unacceptable.” 

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