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Er der nogen lighed mellem disse 2 billeder??????????????? 


They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBC’s website.

As Gateway Pundit, Counter Terrorism Blog and others have reported Danish Imam Ahmad Abu Ladan, leader of The Islamic Society of Denmark, toured the middle east to create awareness of supposed anti-Islamic cartoons and included the above black and white photo as well as two other undocumented examples. Akhmad Akkari, spokesman of the tour, explained that the three drawings had been added to “give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is towards Muslims.”

Akkari claimed he does not know the origin of the three pictures. He said they had been sent anonymously to Danish Muslims. However, when Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet asked if it could talk to these Muslims, Akkari refused to reveal their identity. BBC World aired a story on 1-30-2006 showing the three non-published images and claimed they had been published in Denmarks Jyllands-Posten, these images however had never been published in Jyllands-Posten.

NeanderNews wonders if Jacques knows what he has started? A big kudos to ‘The Celtic Semite’ for this great lead.

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  1. Neanderman- as far as relevance, I think the original discovery of this photo that was added to ‘Danish Imam’s Islamic Rage Campaign Tour December 2005′ posed many questions. The first one should have been, “Is this photo even a satire on Muhammad? And if not, where did the photo come from?” And now that we know where it came from, it poses other thoughts. One is, “If any random rendering or photo with porcine features is considered this dangerous in the Islamic world, how close are we to dialog with them?”-your reader and jounalistic operative, The Celtic SemiteComment by kelluman — February 6, 2006 @ 7:35 pm
  2. Fake Image Exposed?If you have been following the cartoon story, radical Islamists traveled to the Middle east and disseminated images which were not even published. It appears as though one of those images was never even meant to be a caricature ofTrackback by Riehl World View — February 6, 2006 @ 8:53 pm
  3. […] Michelle Malkin congratulates NeanderNews for discovering the origin of the phoney Mohammed cartoons. […]Pingback by Sierra Faith » Blog Archive » When Pigs Fly! — February 7, 2006 @ 12:54 am
  4. […] NeanderNews reports that the vile Danish imams apparently cruise MSNBC looking for things offensive to Islam. Not finding them, they make them up. The audacity of these liars, to threaten the civilized of the earth and demand that we change our ways. “Stop calling us violent or we’ll kill you!” The incredible fecklessness of Western governnments that try to appease this dreck. Re-read the Neumayr piece; tell us why these people should not be slapped down, punished and ridiculed like the criminal lowlifes they are. Appeasement is not an option. (HT: MM) […]Pingback by Dinocrat » Blog Archive » French pig-squealer responsible for torched embassies, mayhem, deaths — February 7, 2006 @ 1:05 am
  5. for a second…a split second…i thought that was Saddam Hussien lolComment by hurricane567 — February 7, 2006 @ 2:29 am

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  1. Bare fordi billedet ikke er lavet som en karrikatur af Muhammed, så er der da ingen der siger at det ikke kan være blevet brugt som sådan.

    Så vidt jeg husker, så fortalte imamerne at de på deres rejse havde medbragt Jyllands Postens karrikaturer samt forskellige stødende billeder der eksempelvis var blevet mailet til dem. Det kan jo for så vidt stadig være tilfældet med dette billede?

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