Melanie Philips (Londonistan) i Daily Mail om ‘homegrown terrorism’

Many are tempted to blame the war in Iraq instead. This is surely a dangerously wrong-headed argument. Yes, Iraq — like other conflicts — is certainly used to whip up hysteria as a recruiting sergeant for the jihad. But the causes of radicalisation lie much deeper. After all, Islamic terrorists are being recruited from, or are attacking, countries which either opposed or have had nothing to do with Iraq.

Abu Hamza is said to have run his training camp at Mark Cross in 1997, four years before 9/11. And according to the Home Secretary, the first plot by British Muslims against Britain was hatched in 2000.There are two main reasons for Britain’s large number of radical Muslims. First, many came from Pakistan which had been radicalised by Islamic extremism.

Their continuing ties with their home communities resulted in the establishment in Britain, more than 20 years ago, of extremist religious institutions which taught thousands of British Muslims to wage holy war against the West.

The second was that, during the 1990s, the British authorities turned a blind eye to the many Al Qaeda radicals from the Arab world who set up shop in London after fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The legacy of all this now demands a concerted resistance to extremism from both British Muslims and the British establishment. But both are singularly failing to deliver. Moderate Muslims were undoubtedly horrified by the airline plot. But the response to the plot by organisations claiming to represent them was simply disgraceful.

More than 30 Muslim groups, along with Muslim MPs and peers, demanded that the Government change its foreign policy in order to placate terrorists. This blackmail was followed by a demand from other representatives that a pair of Islamic religious festivals should become official holidays and that Islamic laws relating to marriage and family life be applied in Britain. These were not moderate attitudes.

In Australia, the government has adopted a robust approach to such extremism. It has said that those Muslims who want to live under sharia law should leave the country, and that Australian Muslim leaders need to denounce terrorism in all its forms around the world.

By contrast, rather than challenging the ideology driving Islamic terror, Britain remains paralysed by the back-to-front thinking which blames its own policies for the terrorism that threatens it.

This paralysis is largely caused by multiculturalism, the doctrine which holds that minorities cannot be held responsible for the wrong that they do since they are always somehow the victims of the majority.

This doctrine has pushed Left-wingers into the arms of Islamic radicals who are sworn enemies of the West. When Trevor Phillips, the black chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, repeated his concerns about the failure of multiculturalism, London’s mayor Ken Livingstone jeered that he expected Mr Phillips soon to join the racist British National Party.

This was the same Ken Livingstone who last year publicly embraced as a ‘reformer’ Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the Islamic extremist who calls for suicide bombings in Iraq and Israel and perpetrates gross libels against the Jews. Yet despite such an endorsement of true racism and fascism, the Mayor remains popular — and still remains in the Labour Party.

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Præcis det samme sker herhjemme. Allerede igår så man den odenseanske imam sidde på TV og true Danmark for deltagelsen i Irak og Afghanistan. Og hylekoret skal nok blive endnu højere.

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