Most Muslims agree with Al Qaeda goals

Most Muslims want US military forces out of the Middle East and Islamic countries and many agree with Al Qaeda’s goals, if not its tactics, suggested a public opinion poll conducted in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia.

An average of 74 per cent of all those polled agreed with the goal of “push(ing) the US to remove its bases and military forces from all Islamic countries,” said the poll conducted by the Washington-based nonprofit group and the University of Maryland.

A full 91pc of Egyptians and 69pc of Moroccans said they approved of attacks against US soldiers in Iraq, while 61pc of Indonesians disapproved. Pakistanis appeared divided on the matter, with 31pc for such attacks and 33pc against.

The survey found similar responses with regard to US forces in Afghanistan and the Gulf.

At least 70pc or more in all countries supported the goals of “stand(ing) up to Americans and affirm(ing) the dignity of the Islamic people,” and “pressur(ing) the United States not to favor Israel,” it said.

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