Muhammedanerne vil have copyrighten til Muhammedtegningerne

Muslims march in cartoons protest

Muslims have held their biggest rally so far in the UK in protest at cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.
Police said 10,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching to Hyde Park. No arrests were made. 

The London march was led by the Muslim Action Committee – an umbrella body for mosques and community groups.

It is the third consecutive weekend of demonstrations over the cartoons, which have prompted violent protests around the world since publication in Denmark.


Ishmaeel Haneef, from the committee, said the demonstrations were continuing because “the provocations have not stopped”.

“These things are still being republished across the world,” he said, using the example of an Italian minister wearing a T-shirt depicting the cartoons.

He said the way to “get back to being a civilised world” was to “give the copyright [of the cartoons] over to the Muslim community”.


Rettighederne til tegningerne ligger hos Dansk Journalistforbund:

Guidelines for use of the twelve Mohammed cartoons

The cartoonists will not oppose reproduction of the Mohammed cartoons that were originally published in Jyllands-Posten if this is done in connection with editorial coverage  in newsmedia or similar media in a manner which complies with the rules of internationally accepted press ethics –

The remuneration has been set at €250 per cartoon per reproduction. The fee has been  set at an average to make it applicable for the various types of media and countries.

The cartoonists do not, however, wish to receive the fees themselves. They have instead decided that the fees shall finance an international prize for cartoonists, to be awarded to a recognised and committed cartoonist who in the form of satirical cartoons has focused on important societal matters – such as for example freedom of speech

Please pay the sum in question to the following escrow account with the Danish Union of Journalists’ bank:
BG Bank
Nørre Voldgade 68
1011 Copenhagen K

IBAN:  DK16 3000 0009 6555 65

When payment is made, please also report details of the use made of the cartoons to

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