Muslim truer med at dræbe Tommy Robinson og angribe hans kone med syre

The judge who rushed to send activist Tommy Robinson to jail did not even watch the full video in which he supposedly breached contempt of court laws, his lawyers have claimed.

He is currently being held in segregation for his own safety in prison, but a radical Islamic extemist has managed to deliver a message to his cell threatening to kill him and attack his wife with acid.

The message was reportedly from jailed terror supporter Sayful Islam, from Robinson’s hometown of Luton, and used his spouse’s full name, The Times reports.

Mere her.


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  1. De Engelske myndigheder på punktet Tommy Robinson, spiller Hazar. Og de taber hvis Tommy bliver dræbt i spjældet, der er 100% sikkert.
    Hvis hans kone og familie kommer udsat for Syreangreb, vil folket tage over.

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