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  1. I do not need to read the sad story about these fanatic muslim a-holes,I picked up on there sleazy agenda way back in the early 60ties when these “lowlifes dirtbags” started to invade danmark, and quality of life for the danish people started to diminish by the “minute” and the cost of living skyrocket for us danes, {to say the least} it is not helping either,that we have quite a few totally useless politicians, {folketings members} who have there own “stupid agenda” on what is good for danmark,like, let’s bring some more criminal fanatic lowlife people to danmark,the taxpayers will be “happy” to help out,(we pay more taxes,work more,a-n-d get l-e-s-s}, and most of these “slime balls” do not know that work is part of danish life,wow, soon,{15-20 years} there will be less of “us” and a lot more of “them”,that is really sad,very sad.as most of us know, “they”want to take over danmark,and turning it in to a primitive hatefull muslim litterbox,that is very scary. what are we going to do ???

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