Om et af Kamelens foretrukne medier

Kamel Qureshi i Ugeskrift for Læger

“Når vi i de seneste år har været ude og talt med lægekolleger fra andre dele af verden, bliver der spurgt til, hvad der foregår i Danmark. Veluddannede grupper læser også The Guardian og The Economist…”

“Shamefully for the Guardian, it seems that a previously published article falsely suggested that “Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and the Dominican Republic all have poor records concerning the intimidation, incarceration and sometimes the killing of journalists“.

What nonsense! Fortunately, Mr. Green is happy to set the record straight:

” … the inclusion of Cuba in your list of countries that ‘have poor records’ in this area seems rather eccentric. The odd critical journalist may be subjected to minor harassment, but there are no records of journalists being beaten up, killed or tortured. It must be one of the safest places for journalists, even if not the easiest, to work in.”

This evaluation will come as a surprise to the uninformed campaigners at Reporters Without Borders, who have been misled – most likely by right-wing politicians and governments – into thinking that 20 journalists that were arrested in 2003 are still serving lengthy prison sentences (as of July).

The latest available (2004) annual report from RWB lists 29 cases of the “minor harrassment” to which Mr. Green refers, many of them mere threats of imprisonment – which would not possibly have been taken seriously in the safe-for-journalists climate of the country. These journalists, along with the five who reported being “physically attacked“, will undoubtedly welcome Mr. Green’s reassurances as to the safety of reporting from the island paradise.”

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