På noget der hedder IMC fandt jeg det her – sidste nye konspirationsteori

Forfatteren er en Webster Griffin Tarpley? Mon ikke han trænger til et kuppeleftersyn? Bringer kun det der er relevant for DK, se selv resten, hvis du trænger til at ryste hovedet lidt

“The scurrilous Mohammed cartoons printed in Denmark were a carefully staged provocation involving neo-con disciple of Daniel Pipes from the US, Bilderberger and monarchist elements in Europe, and hired mobs in the Middle East. The aim: to create a war mood in Europe and pre-empt a Eurasian coalition against the Anglo-American world order.”

As for the repeated canard about freedom of the press, all the countries of the Nordic Council have long maintained press control through psychological warfare boards with the power to suppress and plant news stories for propaganda purposes. Sweden is the best-known example, but Denmark, a NATO member state, is no slouch either. Having directed political organizing in Denmark for a number of years, the present writer can also personally attest to the pervasive surveillance of publishing, political meetings, and public speech (as of the mid-1980s) maintained by the PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste), the Danish Security Intelligence Service. The PET is a sinister and stealthy organization staffed by devotees of the Danish monarchy, and its mandate is unchecked. (See http://www.pet.dk/English.aspx for a chilling self-presentation, including the ominous news that “the new Danish legislation on terrorism expands the scope of the Intelligence Service so that PET’s investigations, to a higher degree than previously, may provide the basis of actual criminal cases or other more offensive initiatives.” Author’s emphasis, WGT.) Denmark, in short, is a monarchist police state.

Denmark has been largely a British puppet state over the last two centuries – since Lord Nelson burned the Danish fleet in a sneak attack on Copenhagen which put an end to Denmark as an independent power. For the broadest political purposes, provocations coming from Denmark can be thought of as being signed by the warmonger Tony Blair personally. The current Danish neocon regime is in any case a member of Bush’s coalition of the willing engaged in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

The editor of Jyllands Posten who ordered the publication of the cartoons is Flemming Rose, who has extensive connections to Daniel Pipes, another neocon fascist madman who runs Campus Watch, a neo-McCarthyite witch-hunting organization which vilifies American professors who criticize Israel or show sympathy for the Palestinians. President Bush wanted to name Daniel Pipes to the board of the US Institute of Peace, a government-funded arm of the State Department which organizes conferences and publishes books. When the raving extremist Pipes turned out to be too widely discredited to obtain Senate confirmation for this post, Bush forced his nomination through with a summer 2003 recess appointment to a temporary term at USIP without Senate approval. Daniel Pipes is the nepotist son of Richard Pipes, a Sovietologist who was a leading figure in George H.W. Bush’s 1976 Team B, the incubator of today’s neocon clique. At the time of his recess appointment, Daniel Pipes was accused by the very moderate Arab-American Institute of “hatred and bigotry” in the context of his “bizarre obsession with all things Arab and Muslim.” (http://www.aaiusa.org/pr/release08-14-03.htm) This is the sick, racist point of view embraced by Jyllands Posten.

Flemming Rose provided details of his conversation with Daniel Pipes in a later article. They talked about the need to mobilize Europe for the war of civilizations against the Moslem world. Rose wrote: “Pipes is surprised that there isn’t greater alarm in Europe over the challenge that Islam represents thanks to falling rates of fertility and a weakened sense for its own history and culture.” (Flemming Rose, “The Threat from Islamism, Jyllands-Posten, October 29, 2004) The relation of such racist arguments to the Mohammed cartoons provocation should be clear enough.”


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  1. [sarcasm] They forgot to include the Knights Templar, Masonic Lodges, Tri-lateral Commision and the Catholic Church. A really good conspiracy theory includes at least two of those.

    I think they had everyone else, (unless Elvis really isn’t dead).[/sarcasm]

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