Pak apologises to India for disrespect to the tricolour


The Pakistan cricket authorities have apologised to the management of the Indian cricket team after the latter pointed out the disrespect shown to the tricolour in the hotel they were staying, and the error in printing the Indian flag on the tickets sold for the first ODI held at Peshawar against the host country.The error in erecting the Indian flag in the hotel was first pointed out by Indian master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who is known to be very proud of his national colour.

Responding to the mistake pointed out by the Indians, a PCB source said the PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan had taken “a serious note” of the error and asked the company responsible for the printing of the tickets for an explanation.

Some of the Indian players were said to be upset with the error on the tickets and felt the hosts had a careless attitude towards the Indian flag, reported The News.

Media director of the visiting side confirmed that the Indian cricket management had written a letter to the PCB drawing their attention to the fact that the Indian flag had been printed upside down on some of the tickets for the first ODI.

A giant Indian flag put up in the lobby of the fourth floor of the hotel where the Indians were staying, was also reportedly upside down with the green up and saffron at the bottom whereas it should’ve been the other way round.

According to the paper, the media director clarified that no protest had been lodged with the PCB over the printing mistake on the tickets but was just a reminder to the PCB to look into the matter and ensure it didn’t happen again. “The Board has regretted the mistake and assured us it’ll not happen again,” the paper quoted him as saying.

This is not the first instance in recent times when Pakistan has shown disrespect, perhaps inadvertently, to the Indian tricolour. Last year, when Pakistan President had visited India to pay homage to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah and subsequently watch an ODI between the two countries in Delhi, the place carrying him also put up the tricolour upside down. After the error was pointed out by the Indian Government, it was rectified and Islamabad apologised for the same. But, on that occasion too no formal complaint was lodged.


Hallo – næsten diplomatisk krise over et flag på hovedet og afbildet på cricket-billetter. Hvad skal den danske reaktion være? Skal vi sende Uffe ud og sige FY FY SKAMME?

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