Poverty and wealth across Britain 1968 to 2005

Key points

  • Since 1970, area rates of poverty and wealth in Britain have changed significantly. Britain is moving back towards levels of inequality in wealth and poverty last seen more than 40 years ago. Demography and Poverty/deprivation
  • Over the last 15 years, more households have become poor, but fewer are very poor. Even though there was less extreme poverty, the overall number of ‘breadline poor’ households increased – households where people live below the standard poverty line. This number has consistently been above 17 per cent, peaking at 27 per cent in 2001. Household expenditure and Poverty/deprivation
  • Already-wealthy areas have tended to become disproportionately wealthier. There is evidence of increasing polarisation, where rich and poor now live further apart. In areas of some cities over half of all households are now breadline poor. Household expenditure and Poverty/deprivation
  • There has been slower change in wealth patterns overall. The national percentage of ‘asset wealthy’ households fell slightly in the early 1990s but rose dramatically between 1999 and 2003 – 23 per cent of households are now wealthy in terms of housing assets. Home ownership and Living standards
  • The general pattern is of increases in social equality during the 1970s, followed by rising inequality in the 1980s and 1990s. Changes since 2000 are less clear. Exclusion and Poverty/deprivation
  • Urban clustering of poverty has increased, while wealthy households have concentrated in the outskirts and surrounds of major cities, especially those classified as ‘exclusive wealthy’, which have been steadily concentrating around London. Urban and Poverty/deprivation
  • Both poor and wealthy households have become more and more geographically segregated from the rest of society. Demography and Poverty/deprivation
  • ‘Average’ households (neither poor nor wealthy) have been diminishing in number and gradually disappearing from London and the south east. Demography and Living standards

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