Storbritannien udøver økonomisk terror mod Tommy Robinson

Going to court and fighting your case takes up a lot of time and money to defend yourself. Today we look at how the financial terrorism continues to pressure Tommy and his family.

If you are a Muslim terrorist, you have the legal winds behind you, supporting you all the way. The state will throw out legal aid like sweets at a child’s birthday party; there’s no expense spared.

If you happen to be a Non-Muslim and not a terrorist in any way, shape, form or fashion who just so happens to fight against the political establishment, then the state will literally cripple you financially, especially so if your name is Tommy Robinson.

In Tommy’s most recent politically motivated case for contempt of court, the judges saw fit to make him pay for the prosecuting legal teams time and efforts.

Shamina Begum the well known “ISIS Bride” was granted legal aid to fight her case when she wanted to return to the country she left for ISIS-controlled Syria. Hashem Abedi, the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber, was granted legal aid when he was accused of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy. A Jordanian terrorist who entered the UK “ILLEGALLY” was handed £250,000 in legal aid to fight his deportation!

Tommy Robinson, who highlights issues within the Islamic faith and exposes gangs of Muslim child-raping monsters, gets no government help. Not only does he not get any legal aid, but the political and judicial establishment now want to make him pay for their costs!

We wonder how many illegal immigrants and terrorists have to pay for their prosecutions and deportations?

The state-backed financial terrorism of Tommy Robinson continues. If the British state cannot break his will by sending him to prison on ridiculous charges, they will try to break him financially.

You will find a summary of the costs that Tommy has been ordered to pay for his most recent conviction of a civil offence below.

Tommy’s “Prosecution” FeesThe Financial Terrorism ContinuesThe Financial Terrorism ContinuesThe Financial Terrorism ContinuesThe Financial Terrorism Continues

Not only does Tommy have to pay for his own defence, now he has to pay for his prosecution as well!

Tommy has another two civil cases coming up soon, and they are expensive. Not only are they costly in terms of his defence, but as we can see above, they can be very costly in terms of prosecution costs as well.

This puts Tommy is a severe legal, financial, and moral bind, and it’s not by accident. Tommy, although well supported by many, does not have a limitless amount of money to pay for both defence AND prosecution. The government know this, so crippling him financially is just another way for them to get at him, to make him silent. It is much easier for Tommy to plead guilty even when he is not, its much less expensive.

If anyone of you can, please consider helping Tommy’s ongoing legal battles with the establishment. If he is not in a position to pay the fees, he could, and probably would end up in prison again for non-payment.

Thank you all for your continued support, without you we can’t fight back and expose the corruption within our government and our judicial system. Give Tommy the chance to fight on AND save his family from the financial terrorism of the British state.

Støt Tommy her

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