Sydafrikanske muslimer for Danmark og køber dansk ost

Ahmad Jalabenu said,

February 1, 2006 at 10:49 am

I am a South African muslim and unlike muslims in many other countries we have access to free and uncensored news in South Africa. For this reason I know that Jyllandsposten (the Danish paper that printed the pictures of Mohammed) has followed Danish law and that the Prime minister of Denmark can do absolutely nothing about the story they printed – so why tell him to apologise? Whatever your opinion is about the cartoons I think this whole issue is more about Some arab states trying to point the focus on other matters than the problems they have on their own door step.
Some radical muslims always call for others to show respect for them and their religion but if we as muslims don’t show the same respect and understanding we should not expect to be liked by any other religion.
The whole story would be the same as blaming Saudi Arabia for something Osama Bin Laden have said (He is also out of the Saudi governments control) and then asking the Saudi king to apologise… How stupid! How could this thing escalate like this? I personally would never buy the paper that brought the cartoons but to boykot the rest of Denmark because of that is upsetting me so much that I spend an hour in the supermarket looking for some Danish items to buy… I found a cheese which is surprisingly good!


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