The Guardian bringer en artikel om Danmark i anledning af 1-årsdagen for tegningerne

Og hvem interviewer Kamelens yndlingsavis først: Labanen. “Det eneste problem med Danmark er ….. danskerne.”

Ahmad Abu-Laban, the fiery cleric who organised the tour, said he has few regrets – though he admitted he is suffering from rather bad ulcers. “In Denmark I’m a very bad guy,” he said. “In fact I was on the bus the other day when a Danish lady came up to me and said: ‘You are a very stupid man.’ I said: ‘Thank you, madam’.”

According to Mr Abu-Laban, the cartoons a year ago were the “final straw” – and followed a long list of “provocations” aimed at Denmark’s small Muslim community. “When I saw the cartoons I said to myself: ‘Oh, not again’,” he said. “I had a vague feeling that something bad would happen. When we asked the cartoonists for an apology they refused. They were arrogant and unreasonable.”

The cleric insists that the ensuing crisis was not his fault. The caricatures were an affront to Muslim dignity, he said, and there were limits in every society to free speech. “I can’t go around in this country suggesting that the queen of Denmark is a whore,” he said.

But if he doesn’t like Denmark why doesn’t he leave? “Denmark is a nice country. It’s merely that people have this kind of phobia towards Muslims.”

Most Danish Muslims are still disillusioned with Denmark’s prime minister. His alliance with President George Bush, his decision to send Danish troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, and his recent trip to Camp David, make them wince. After prayers at a Copenhagen mosque, Noah Amed, 32, whose mother is Danish and father Egyptian, said: “If Bush is the big dog, and Tony Blair the small dog, then Rasmussen is the puppy.”

They admitted, however, that the row has had its positive side. Danes have been forced to take an interest in Muslims – while Muslims have taken a greater interest in themselves.

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  1. Kan den forbandede landsforræder ikke snart få den dom så vi kan kyle ham og hans ligesindede langt fanden i vold !

  2. Det, Guardian præsterer, ligger såmænd ikke så fjernt fra, hvad danske journalister henter hjem, når de er i udlandet. De samme vinkler, den samme type vidner, de samme afrundede floskler, så publikum derhjemme kan blive bestyrket i troen på, at Bush er en krigsliderlig, halvimbecil cowboy, de sorte i USA lever i massiv armod og kan ikke komme på hospitalet osv. osv.

    Langt ind i aviser, der burde være seriøse og gerne udnævner sig selv til at være det (eksempelvis Berlingske Tidende og Weekendavisen) blomster den lyserøde og kulturradikale klichéjournalistik. Og så taler vi slet ikke om (D)DR, hvor den fuldstændig dominerer både indlands- og udlandsdækningen.

  3. Ahmad Abu-Laban: “When we asked the cartoonists for an apology they refused…Denmark is a nice country. It’s merely that people have this kind of phobia towards Muslims.”
    Den lader vi lige stå for sig selv -fobi, hvem er det mon egentlig der seriøst lider af fobi?


    “Mohammed, according to Dr. Somers, was a classic case of paranoia. The syndrome of paranoia is essentially characterized by a delusion about oneself nourished by recurring hallucinations. These hallucinations may be auditory (hearing voices), visual (seeing visions or apparitions), or purely mental (being struck with sudden “insights” of enormous and unshakable certainty, not susceptible to falsification by reality). The delusion typically puts the affected person in the centre of events: either he is the target of a ubiquitous and all-powerful conspiracy (delusion of persecution); or he is the privileged witness to a cosmic event, esp. the imminent end of the world; or he has been selected for a unique mission.”

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