Tommy Robinson for retten i dag

Tommy Robinson is on trial again.

This is the big one. A two-day trial. No more delays, no more preliminary skirmishes over technical matters.

The trial starts on Thursday, July 4. And by Friday afternoon, Tommy Robinson will either be free or he will be back in prison, where he risks being killed. (Many British prisons are run by Muslim gangs who have a fatwa out on his head.)Tommy was put in solitary confinement last time and starved — in just ten weeks he lost 40 pounds, or three stone as they say in the UK. He was kept in a cell for 23 and a half hours a day, and the half hour he was let out, he was barraged by death threats from Muslim inmates.
This new prosecution is not necessary. The highest criminal judge in the UK, the Recorder of London, said he wasn’t going to proceed with it — he threw it back to Theresa May, the disgraced, lame-duck prime minister of the UK. I think that senior judge thought Tommy had already been through enough — after all, the Court of Appeal, chaired by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, quashed Tommy’s conviction, set him free from his absurd 13-month sentence, and tore a strip off the lower court judge. 

But Theresa May wants to have another go at it. That starts tomorrow.

And Tommy — he has no voice. He can’t do what he did when he had one million Facebook followers and almost one million Twitter fans. They shut him down.Tommy has been silenced.

And the mainstream media, who normally would be shocked that a journalist was imprisoned and given such abusive treatment in prison — well, they’re cheering for his conviction and imprisonment. They don’t care about free speech.

So I’m going back. I have to see this through. How will this end? Will Tommy go back to prison — and possibly his death? Or will he be free? There will be a dozen reporters in court. But none of them will tell the truth — I have seen that with my own eyes. The British “Media Party”, as I’ll call them, have decided in advance to smear Tommy.

But I’m not going alone. My friend Andrew Lawton is coming back along with our wonderful young journalist, Jessica Swietoniowski, and another surprise journalist I can’t announce until tomorrow.  

The most important fight is in the court of law. But the second most important fight is in the court of public opinion. We’ve got to get the facts out, and you just can’t trust the BBC, the Guardian and the tabloids.

Unlike the public broadcaster, we don’t get £5 billion a year from the government’s license fee. We don’t get a penny from the government. We’re completely independent. But that means we rely 100% on viewers like you.

Please take a moment to go to and chip in £5 or £50 or whatever you can to help cover our costs — economy-class airfare and accommodations for myself and three other real reporters. I promise I’ll report comprehensively — from inside the courthouse on Twitter, and on video during breaks from the case. So will Jessica, and Andrew, and our other guest reporter.I’d really appreciate it, and I know Tommy does, too.

Please go to to help out. Thank you — and good luck to us all.

Yours truly,Ezra Levant

P.S. When I’ve live-tweeted Tommy’s trials in the past, my comments have been viewed by millions — up to 5 million impressions in a single day. 

So, if you value what we’re doing — giving a voice to the voiceless — please consider helping us out. 

Go to to chip in. All of our reporters travel on the cheapest flights and stay in 3-star hotels (maximum) — but that’s still about £4,000 (or about $7,000) all-in. Thanks! 

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