Tommy Robinson har brug for hjælp

Tommy Robinson is in trouble and he needs our help this weekend.
He’s taking on the mainstream media in the most explosive way you can imagine — but I’m certain it will be ignored by all mainstream reporters.

The BBC — that’s the state broadcaster over there in the UK — is hunting Tommy. They ordered their “top” investigative journalist, John Sweeney, to do the ultimate smear on Tommy.
But it wasn’t a true journalistic production. It was made with the secret involvement of a Soros-sponsored left-wing group, ironically named Hope Not Hate.
So Tommy has asked me to help him again, by coming from Canada to the UK to report on his big announcement this weekend. And he’s asked me to crowdfund to bring other journalists from outside the United Kingdom, just like we did to cover Tommy’s trial. Because you just can’t trust the British media — so we’ve got to bring in some Real Reporters.
Let me explain. This BBC documentary wasn’t really journalism. It wasn’t even gossip. It was a secretive, foreign-funded lobby group that was attacking Tommy Robinson — and the BBC was hiding all that from viewers, pretending to be honest journalism.
It was actual propaganda, laundered through the BBC. Soros’s involvement was supposed to be kept secret. We only know this for the most amazing reason — when Sweeney and Hope Not Hate and the BBC met with people to pumping them for any gossip or dirt on Tommy, those interview subjects were actually secretly filming the BBC!
So this Saturday, Tommy is going to reveal the whole sordid story. He’s going to reveal everything outside BBC headquarters in Manchester! But I can guarantee that the mainstream media will ignore it — or misrepresent it. I know this, because that’s how they covered Tommy’s contempt of court hearings. They refused to report on Tommy’s actual court victory — they just slandered him, non-stop.
So Tommy has asked me to do what we did last time — bring in real reporters from outside the UK. I’m coming in from Canada. Avi Yemini is coming in from Australia. We’re still recruiting more reporters to come — we need more!
Here’s the deal: we are crowdfunding economy-class airfare — the cheapest we can find. We’ll put them in 3-star hotels — nothing fancier. And basic expenses, like taxi cabs. And we’ll have a cameraman, too.
Can you please chip in to help me crowdfund these expenses for the real reporters? Please go to
We need to tell the story about the corrupt BBC, and how they tried to frame Tommy Robinson — a stitch-up, as they say in the UK.
Please go to Real Reporters UK — and we’ll see you this weekend in Manchester.
Yours truly, Ezra Levant
P.S. I truly believe that we need to bring in real reporters from outside the UK, because we can’t trust the mainstream media to give Tommy a fair hearing. It worked when we did it for his trial, and I think it will work again now.
Please help us crowdfund cheap flights and low-budget hotels at
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