USA bashing og ubekvemme meningsmålinger

I europæiske medier er meningsmålinger, der ikke støtter det allestedsnærværende USA-had ikke god tone. Sandheden kan dog godt være anderledes, specielt i tilfælde af meningsmålinger om Irak foretaget i Irak:

"To mention only four (that are quoted in my book on anti-Americanism in France and Europe, La Bannière Étalée): in March 2004, a BBC poll found that 56% of Iraqis said life was better than before the war (only 17% thought it was worse) while 71% said life would improve and only 15% wanted foreign troops to leave the country. A January 2005 poll by the Iraqi daily Sabah found that 88% of respondents supported military action against the so-called "insurgents," while only 13% in a poll by the Al Midhar newspaper wished for the immediate departure of foreign troops. In polls conducted by Iraqi universities in the Fall of 2005, two thirds of respondents said life was better than under Saddam while no less than 82% expected their personal lives to be even better one year in the future. (Oh, and in case anyone is interested, a BBC poll from Afghanistan in October 2005 reported that 87% of respondents thought that Bush's overthrow of the Taliban was a good thing and that 83% of Afghans had a favorable opinion of the United States.)"

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