Venstreaktivist anklaget for bevidst at sprede HIV/AIDS i Polen

Polish Police is looking for women who have had sexual contact with the Cameroonian refugee, poet and journalist Simon Moleke, who has been charged and arrested for intentionally infecting women with the HIV virus.


Moleke is known in Poland for his poetry and involvement in leftist activism. It is feared that he has purposefully infected at least several Polish women. The case has surfaced only recently, but as records on the internet forum of the Green Party website show, the intentional spreading of HIV by Moleke might have been known to the leftist activist circles as early as over half a year ago.

Simon Mol (Simon Moleke Njie), a Cameroonian writer and journalist freelancing with the Voice, was granted the Antifascist of the Year 2003 award by the Nigdy Więcej (Never Again) social association, which monitors and combats trends such as neofascism, racism and xenophobia

Simon Moleke Njie – pen name of Simon Mol. Cameroun. Political exile. Left Cameroun after the publication of an article disclosing a corruption scandal in his country. Initially seeking exile in Ghana, where he obtained refugee status in 1998, he then had to escape on account of breaking censorship laws. Mol continues writing poetry and prose, and is published regularly in an Indian monthly – an anthology of international poetry – as well as other Indian, British and American periodicals. He is also writing a memoir. He is an honorary member of the British International PEN-CLUB Centre. Contributor to the “Warsaw Voice”. The photo shows Mol during a writers’ evening in a library in Warsaw’s Zoliborz district.

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