Verdenspremiere: Greta A/S

Keean Bexte (January 24, 2020):

Greta Thunberg’s meteoric rise to fame did not happen by accident.

Her canonization as a climate saint was coordinated and executed by a cabal of left-wing eco-elites — including her parents and their famous friends.

But no-one has bothered to dig deep into Greta’s background Until now.

I flew to Stockholm, Sweden, to watch Greta’s so-called “school strikes” for myself, because I don’t trust the mainstream media narrative that she is the guardian of her own agenda.

But within minutes of appearing at one of Greta’s marches, as I tried to ask her some questions about her protest movement, I was punched in the gut and shoved away by a plain-clothed security guard — in fact, two of them threatened me and told me to “f——k off!”

At that moment, I knew I was on to something…

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  1. Hele forløbet omkring lille hjernevaskede Greta viser at når propaganda-industrien tager fat, kan selv de tykkeste og sorteste løgne ophøjes til hellige sandheder, selv det værste vrøvl kan udgives for at være videnskab og sund fornuft, og selv de mest saglige modargumenter kan hetzes som reaktionære, halv- eller helfascistiske.

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