Winston Churchill i spændetrøje – hvor skøre kan man blive?

Man tror næsten det er 1. april:

A statue of Sir Winston Churchill in a straitjacket was unveiled yesterday despite opposition from the wartime leader’s family.

The life-size, glass-fibre statue went on display in Norwich as part of an exhibition staged by the charity Rethink to promote understanding of mental health problems.

John Leighton, its East Anglia manager, said: “We are trying to break down the stigma of mental illness.

“Churchill documented his depression and referred to it as his ‘black dog’. Nowadays it would be described as bi-polar disorder or manic depression.

“We all know that Churchill was a great leader and this statue is an illustration of what people with mental illness can achieve.”

A spokesman for the charity added: “We spoke to the Churchill estate a couple of years ago when the idea was first put forward but they did not approve. We decided to go ahead with it anyway because we thought it was a worthwhile thing to do.“By David Sapsted



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