3 gode grunde til at takke Gud for 2 jihadister


Ok, the jury is in and the evidence is clear and the conclusion, indisputable – Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are Muslim cultural jihadis desiring the destruction of the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and the Jewish foundation of Israel.

In this short primer, Tom Trento provides 3 reasons why we need to thank God for these 2 jihadis. Though at first counterintuitive, the fact is that the recent activities of these ladies exposed their real shariah-compliant mission.

Therefore, they need to be exposed as cultural jihadis and their diabolical plans defeated at the ballot box and in the public square. Thankfully, the “honesty” of these elected representatives simplify this task, at least to those who are honest and clear thinking.

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