Blev Trump Rally i Tulsa saboteret ?

Det er der meget, der tyder på !

I hvert fald var hvert andet sæde mærket af hensyn til social distancing, og der var store problemer med at komme ind 🙁

Her kan man se ansatte fjerne stickers:

Her er lidt af beretningen fra et vidne:

” 6. After continued back and forth with the trump campaign, something happened to allow more people in (in groups of just 100 at a time). We had to wait about 30 minutes each time for them to let just 100 of us trickle into the building. I am not talking about their security- we had already passed through metal detectors and everything. You could actually run into the building each time they would let just 100 of us in at a time, but that was just just wrong and corrupt on BOK management’s part. They removed the stickers/rule on every other seat – that is true, but only after they shut down all entry to the “event location”.

7. I looked over at the screening area and told my wife- something fishy is gong on- 2 hours before the rally – the screeners have left. I told her- no one can get to the stage/overflow area or the BOK center with the “temperature screeners” gone. It is like the people that collect tickets say- I am done we are leaving.

8. They left their posts and from what I am learning- thousands could not get in to the first checkpoint because the temperature screeners had to put green wrist band on you to gain access to the Secret Service security checkpoint. No green band— no entry to the security check point.

9. I think the BOK management told the screeners – we have reached the capacity for what we are letting into the BOK center, so shut down- do not allow the other Trump supporters to get a temperature check and no more green wrist bands. Do not issue green wrist bands so they can get into the holding area to see the stage for the outdoor Trump Rally.

10. It was all a setup to make it look like the crowds did not show up. The crowds DID show up and after 5pm,- 2 hours before the event- no one was there to let them get to security…”

Enten var det sabotage eller også var det meget dårligt aftalt mellem GOP og BOK -centret, hvad der skulle ske og hvornår 🙂

I hvert fald fik fake-news-msm opfyldt en våd drøm om at kunne rapportere at tilslutningen til Trump var ringe …

At det så var pga sabotage/dårlige aftaler og at over 8 mill så Trump-Rallyet på TV, hvlklet var en rekord ! , “glemte” fake news at berette 🙁

Kilde: JL

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