Candid Conversations with Pakistani Columnist Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ishitaq Ahmed is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science in the University of Stockholm.

How do you view the hijab controversy? Is Europe getting hysterical in its pursuit of a perfect state of secularism?

I think hijab was never a problem in the West until the Islamists started using it politically. There has been a reaction and now in many Western countries the hijab is being blamed for the degradation of women. In this regard it is important to point out that the objection to wearing the hijab has been confined to educational institutions and work places. I agree with the European policy makers.

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Her har vi en muslim, der åbent siger, at tørklædet bruges politisk af islamisterne.

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  1. Heldigvis har vi også i Danmark en dygtig statskundskaber (pol. science) som kritiserer islamismen synder og sammen. Professor Mehdi Mozaffari fra Århus Universitet.

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