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Ep. 864 The Epic Race Against Time to Expose the Truth. The Dan Bongino Show 12/4/2018

The Real Scandal: Mueller’s Intricate Cover Up of Deep State Spying on Trump

Now, a bombshell happened that has not hit the Drive-By Media, and it’s from John Solomon who, on Friday, reported that there were at least six different deep state operatives who attempted to infiltrate and set up the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Now, we know of two or three. We know of Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and his involvement with George Papadopoulos. And we know of Stefan Halper. And we know of the Australian ambassador, John Howard.

Solomon says that essentially what happened is that six different deep state operatives from the Obama administration — FBI, DOJ, intelligence services — tried to get jobs in the Trump campaign, and if they had succeeded, then they would have begun to act as though they were colluding with Russians.  This thing, this plan to disrupt the Trump campaign happened long before it became obvious he was gonna get the nomination.

This goes back — and I think Trump knows this, by the way. I think this is part of what everybody’s clamoring for Trump to release that he won’t yet, because he thinks that what he has on these people will destroy them and he wants to wait for whatever he thinks is the right time.  Up to now, we’ve thought that what Trump will not declassify is simply documents that would betray the actual beginning of the investigation.  I think it goes deeper than that.

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