Den politiske forfølgelse af Britain First foregår med alle midler

A few days ago, I received the letter below in the post:

I have only just opened it as I have been touring the country organising anti-grooming operations. 

You may remember a few months ago, I travelled to Coleraine Court in Northern Ireland for my appeal against the conviction I incurred in the town of Ballymena, where Britain first was campaigning heavily against immigration into the local area. 

I was very excited to finally have the chance to overturn my ridiculous conviction for ‘criticising immigration’, when the judge made a mockery of the entire process by pulling out of the re-trial at the last possible moment!

Her excuse was, she had knowledge of the Holocaust so she couldn’t be relied on to give me a fair trial, as I was convicted of literally using the word ‘Gypsy’ on a leaflet. 

This was a massive load of nonsense of course.

She simply wanted to kick the case into the long grass again so that I was restrained by bail conditions for the next six months in Northern Ireland. 

It was an establishment stitch-up designed to keep Britain First silent in Ulster, unable to carry out political activities due to the restrictions. 

If I broke my bail conditions while waiting for my next appeal date, I would be arrested and possibly kept on remand in prison.

I was originally convicted of this ridiculous offence by a local cowboy magistrate who made a political decision, not a legal one. 

So I appealed, and now it will be decided upon again by an experienced judge, not a cowboy at local level who is unaccountable. 

I have been waiting many months for a new appeal date, and now I have one: Antrim Magistrates Court (below), Court of Appeal, Tuesday 3rd March at 10.30am. 

You may be thinking, after a year and a half since my SAS-ambush arrest in Belfast and nearly half a dozen court appearances, why am I bothering?

It’s simple:

When I was convicted for criticising immigration into Ballymena on a local leaflet, the judge gave me a two year suspended sentence. 

So, I am in a difficult position. 

If I appeal the conviction, the establishment will give me the runaround, keeping me on bail conditions for as long as possible.

And if I just ‘accept’ the conviction, I have a suspended prison sentence hanging over me for two years!

The establishment is very sneaky and devious, but I am not going to give up and allow them to shaft me like they have!

If it takes me one-hundred years I am going to overturn this conviction and humiliate the establishment!

If I leave the prison sentence hanging over me, and I get arrested for any silly little reason that the police dream up, the suspended sentence could be activated and off I go to Maghaberry prison (below). 

That’s why I simply have to fight this campaign of persecution. 

The establishment knows that every time I appear in court with a barrister, it costs a lot of money. 

That’s why they keep postponing and delaying

It’s designed to wear me down and force me to give up. 

So, my situation is simple:

I have exactly three weeks to raise the necessary funds to pay my barrister. 

I doubt very much they will postpone the hearing again, as by that time it would be turning the legal system into a laughing stock and my bail conditions would probably get cancelled as a result. 

So this is it, the final court battle in a long drama that has lasted a year and a half.

I am very, very confident that I will be victorious in court.

They can delay all they want, but they cannot bend the law. 

In fact, it’s because they know I will win in court that they keep postponing it. 

So, this is your chance to help me win a decisive and embarrassing victory over the establishment on the 3rd of March.

Will you chip in £50 to help me pay my barrister?

Or if that’s too much, can I ask you to chip in just £15?

What’s needed: £3,000

Raised so far: £0
Recommended: Chip in £5

Whatever you can afford, please chip in to my legal fund asap.

I am depending on you.

I have no were else to turn. 

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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  1. Tænke sig, den fascisme og nazisme som England så tappert og stålsat kæmpede for at fjerne fra Europa (dengang Churchill var premierminister) har en samling kommunister og feminister nu sneget ind ad bagdøren, og har etableret et “system” som nu forfølger hæderlige og brave englændere som protesterer mod migranters infame mishandling af værgeløse børn.

    Ja, vi lever i besynderlige og perverse tider. Britain First fortjener fuld opbakning, og Paul Golding bør bestemt have vores hjælp til at kunne forsvare sig i retten. Jeg sender gerne nogle pund, men kan ikke se hvordan det rent praktisk kan ske? Kan nogen svare på det?

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