DNA analyser påviser en ubekvem sandhed: Tyrkerne er tvangsislamiserede grækere

Turks Enraged as Ancestry.com Reveals the Truth: Most of Them Are Greeks

 in numerous lands that were once conquered by Muslim armies, most of the Muslim population has non-Muslim ancestors. Egypt was 99% Christian when it was conquered, and is only around 10% Christian now. Where did all the Christians go? They’re still there. They’re the nation’s Muslims. It’s the same in Iran: the Zoroastrians of Persia are still mostly in the country. They’re the Muslims. And likewise in Turkey, most of the Turks are ethnic Greeks who were forcibly converted to Islam, or who willingly converted in order to escape the institutionalized harassment and persecution of dhimmitude.

Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut informed me that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself is from the town of Rize, the Greek name of which is Rizounta. Bulut told me: “His family is from the Potamia town of the city. Their village is Pulihoz. They’re original Greek names of these locations but they were later Turkified by The Turkish Republic. Erdogan himself, too, refers to the village as Potamia. This is such a controversial, taboo topic in Turkey.”

It shouldn’t be, if Erdogan were consistent. He recently declared: “We maintained these lands and made them our homeland with our blood, our flag, and the sound of prayer from the mosques. This is why the re-opening of the Hagia Sophia as a mosque is important, as it is a legacy of conquest.” If he can celebrate that “legacy of conquest,” why can’t he and Turks of like mind celebrate the fact that they are the children and heirs of the Greeks who were conquered by the Turkish invaders? That’s part of the “legacy of conquest,” too.

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