En dokumentarfilm for DR

Two brothers, a murdered father and an untold story of pain and forgiveness are the inspirations behind an award-winning documentary on the secret death of a prominent evangelical pastor in Iran.


A Cry From Iran, co-directed by Bishop Haik Hovsepian’s two adult sons, tells the martyr’s story through the eyes of his sons.

“This is a compelling, must-see documentary which graphically shows what Christians like Haik Hovsepian go through because they place their faith in Jesus Christ,” said Open Doors USA president and CEO Dr. Carl Moeller. “He is definitely one of our modern-day heroes of the faith.”

A Cry From Iran has been nominated for awards at eight festivals, won five, and is waiting for some to reply – including the prestigious San Antonio Christian Festival on Nov. 28. It has won the Grand Jury Award for the Most Original Documentary at the Faith and Film Festival and also the Audience Award for the Best Documentary at the Leith Film Festival.

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