En engelsk læge, der anbefalede covid”vaccination” er blivet meget mistroisk efter at have læst en lille del af de Pfizer-dokumnenter, som nu er udgivet

Bedre sent end aldrig: det er godt at han omsider er blivet kritisk om de oplyninger, som sundhedsmyndigheder kommer med.

Alligevel irriterer det mig voldsomt at han tilsyneladende ikke ved at Pfizer/FDA havde prøvet at udskyde udgivelse af de oplysninger, som en FOIA(freedom Of Information Act) havde krævet, i 75 ÅR !

Det er mindst 3.5 måned siden ovenstående blev offentlig kendt

Og det er da sole-klart at når FDA og Pfizer vil udskyde offentliggørelse af de dokumenter, som lå bag Pfizers nødgodkendelse i 75 år, så er der sgu noget at skjule …

Det burde også læger som Campbell have indset …

Jeg abonnerer på Steve Kirsch på substack

Her er en god oversigt, som han har lavet om Dr. Campbell


  1. This is a very important milestone: a prominent respected figure who has been supporting the vaccine has finally realized he’s been misled.
  2. Dr. John Campbell has been a source of trusted medical information for millions of people throughout the pandemic.
  3. Campbell has been doing YouTube videos since before the pandemic, but rose to fame during the pandemic for his thoughtful videos.
  4. His videos have been viewed over 400 million times and he has over 2 million subscribers.
  5. Historically, he’s been a reliable supporter of the safe and effective vaccine story.
  6. In November of 2021, Campbell took a closer look at ivermectin and was impressed by the evidence. This led Wikipedia to label him a spreader of misinformation.
  7. On March 9, 2022, Campbell published a video entitled “The Pfizer documents” where he goes through one of the released documents in detail: the ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST (AESI) document (aka the “5.3.6 document”).
  8. As of March 11, that video now has 1.4M views.
  9. In the video, Campbell clearly shows that he is not happy with the lack of transparency. He is not happy with the safety signals disclosed in this document. Not happy at all. He concludes “This has just destroyed trust in authority” (watch @21:55). Bingo!
  10. This means that, in the minds of the mainstream media, Dr. Campbell has transitioned from being a “respected health expert” to a “misinformation spreader” that should be ignored.
  11. Paradoxically, YouTube didn’t remove the video or ban Dr. Campbell for life like they would normally do. I am mystified by this.
  12. Fact checking organization Health Feedback called Campbell’s video misinformation claims that correlation isn’t causation. However, the same fact checkers did not explain why the event rates were elevated over normal, a fact most easily observed in the much more extensive VAERS reports. If the vaccine is as safe as is claimed, then what caused all these events? And why were these events dose related? How do you explain that? No fact checker can answer any of these very basic questions because their job is simply to create doubt through hand waving arguments that are not backed by any evidence.
  13. Campbell of course was absolutely right to be appalled. The Pfizer report does destroy trust in the government authorities who are supposed to be protecting us and disclosing adverse events. But if he was really paying attention (which many people haven’t done due to the blind trust they put in the institutions), he would have noted that the safety signals associated with the COVID vaccines have been flashing “red alert” since January 2021 when the vaccinations began. In my case, I figured this out 10 months ago in May 2021 and people thought I was crazy at the time. It is nice that Dr. Campbell has finally realized that we were right all along. This puts Dr. Campbell on the right side of history. A bit late to discover the truth, but it still puts him years ahead of most all his peers.
  14. Hopefully, this will be a turning point and other critical thinkers will also realize they’ve been fooled and will follow his lead and speak out publicly just as Dr. Campbell has courageously done.

Her er Dr. Campbells video .

Først gennemgår han et vigtigt dokument og i den sidste trediedel kritiserer han MSM for ikke at skrive om Pfizer/vaccinernes mangler . Han er også klar over at han har været alt for naiv og troet på sundhedsmyndighederne

Steve Kirsch giver her “forklaringen” på hvordan det er sket:

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