Evidence of a leading Muslim extremist calling for the beheading of British Muslim soldiers has been uncovered.

A video of Abu Izzadeen, preaching his message of hate two years ago, has been discovered on an underground website.

In the video, he said:

“Whoever allies himself with the Kaffirs (non-believers) against the believers – he is one of them.

“He who joins the British Army, the American Army, he is a mortal kaffir and his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed.

“Indeed, whoever changes his deen (Muslim code of life); kill him.”

itv /Limewoody

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  1. Jo mere rabiate de opfører sig, jo større bliver chancen for, at den uundgåelige borgerkrig bliver en realitet.
    Lad os endelig få den nu, for vi undgår den ikke.


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