#FREETOMMY København

Antifa attack free Tommy Robinson demonstration at UK embassy Copenhagen 2905 2018 1802 (1/2)

For Frihed (For Freedom, Danish Pegida/Patriots) arranged demonstration in front of the English Embassy in Copenhagen 29th of May 2018 at 18 o’clock, for demanding the release of journalist, reporter, freedom activist and patriotic truth seeker Tommy Robinson imprisoned without fair trial and without just cause apparently for crushing political descent, abolish freedom of speech, the rule of law, the right and free will of the people, and the legitimacy of the government.
A disgraceful violation of the rights of free people, a complete disregard for freedom of press and freedom of speech, violating several basic human rights.
During the end of this video you’ll see Antifa attacking the demonstration in a short moment, unfortunately my memory filled up in that moment, so I lost an important scene.
There will be a second video

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